Seven Heartz Gaming (7HzG) stands for more than a clan. It stands for unity: We play as one, we have fun as one, and we dominate as one. We are a multi-national group that expands across the globe, from Europe to all the way to North-America. No matter in what time zone you are, there will always be members online ready to join. The diverse culture and bond among comrades are what make 7HzG unique. Here you will find like-minded people that are looking to relax and enjoy gaming. Our mission is to bring people together in a way unmatched, to give the true brotherhood experience, and to expand our reach to new frontiers.

This is us, this is 7HzG.


Code of Conduct

§1 Requirements: a) Facebook or XBOX messenger b) 17+ or acting mature and professionally c) basic team skills and talent in videogaming d) XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, PC or Ps4.

§2 The single teams for clan wars and tournaments will be determined for every different videogame and by current skills.

§3 Clan Size per console: 15-25 members

§4 Unsporty behaviour will result in penalties

§5 Competitions will be always conducted with highest repect and professionalism

§6 No hacking, cheating, etc.

§7 7Hz Gaming for life.

§8 No bullying or insulting of members and opposing players. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

§9 Etiquette: a) No Ragequit b) no Boosting c) no Trolling (exceptions must be made especially vs Wii mote players) d) No glitching / map exploiting.

§10 7HzG clan tag always on.

§11 Play with team. If cannot join party/war/match a reason must be given.